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Shipping Agency Services

By selecting Aila Samiudera Indonesia as your manning agent, you can be confident that every seafarer that joins your ships is mentally and physically able to perform their duties to the highest of standards. That’s because, we employ a team of individuals to work with each seafarer to ensure that they have everything they need to arrive in a relaxed state including:-

Checking that visas and other documentation are kept up to date
Ensuring that marine qualifications are in line with the latest IMO regulations
Organising travel to and from the ship – ensuring sufficient time for rest periods/handover onboard as required
Liaising with shipping agents to ensure a smooth handover
Securing Flag state licences in a timely manner where required
Applying for an OK to board if necessary
Being on hand 24hrs to ensure that each seafarer has a point of contact in the event of a problem
What’s more, we achieve all of this whilst providing competitive airfares without compromising the travel experience to the seafarers. This is because we have built a long-standing relationship with the most influential marine travel department in the world.

To find our more about our range of crew management services please call +6282124128819

Email : or send us an online enquiry.

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December 18th, 2015


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December 18th, 2015


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